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Betterment Raises Fees; Are Robo-Advisors Worth It?

Betterment, one of the biggest robo-advisors, made news a few days ago by announcing they are increasing their fees from .15% to .25%, with no additional benefits or services being offered in return. On a $100,000 portfolio earning 7% a year for 30 years, investors will be left with $30,000 less at the end. That’s got to be worth at least a latte a day. Betterment customers are livid, so […]

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Currency Risk And Home Country Bias

I’m getting a lot of questions about asset allocation and the percentage of your equities (stocks) you should allocate to your home country. This is a much bigger question for those of us who live outside of the world’s largest economy but still want to be heavily invested in it. With that in mind, I’m posting an excerpt on currency risk from my book. This is a controversial topic so […]

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Norbit’s Gambit – An Investment Fee Lowering Technique

In Building Wealth And Being Happy: A Practical Guide To Financial Independence, we discussed how even the smallest of investment fees can have a large, expensive impact on your portfolio. Management expense ratios (MER), made up of both operational and administrative fees, are even higher in Canada than they are south of the border. For this reason, many Canadians who are striving for fee-optimal portfolios use a strategy called Norbit’s […]

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